TRADING COMPANY LIMITED SPECIAL PARENTS FOR VIETNAM-MAINTENANCE REPAIR FORKLIFT No. 100/705/7, Nguyen Kiem Street , Phoenix 3 Go vap district , HCM HOT LINE : MR.CU-0913781357 SKYE: huongcu001 BRANCH 1 : IZ TSUNAMI 1 , Di An Town, Pacific HOTLINE :0913781357 Email : web: […]

Lease electric forklift driver sitting

cho thuê xe nâng điện ngồi lái

Leasing Nissan electric forklift driver Electronic Forklift sit 1.5 tons – 3.0 tons. Nissan electric forklift is equipped with many innovative functions and utilities to ensure safety for the operator, fuel economy but still achieve high performance. Vehicles equipped with security system […]

Self drive car rental increase

Cho thuê xe nâng hàng Nissan

Self drive rental forklift engine oil, Petrol-LPG, xenang168 electric Nissan Forklift Rental specializes drive themselves throughout the territory of Vietnam, car lift from 1 tons to 10 tons, lift height from 3m to 12m, various types of cars, forklift diesel engine, […]

Forklift Nissan 1F Series engine oil

Xe nâng dầu Nissan 1F Series

Manufacturer: Nissan
Power: 1.5 tons, 1.75 tons, 2.0 tons, 2.5 tons, 2.75 tons, 3.0 tons, 3.25 tons 3.5 tons, 3.6 tons, 4.0 tons, 4.5 tons, 5.0 tons, 6.0 tons, 7.0 tons, 8.0 tons, 10 tons.
Models: Động cơ chạy dầu hoặc xăng ga