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cho thuê xe nâng Nissan

Leasing Nissan forklifts stopped URF Series

for rent Nissan forklifts stopped URF Series 1.25 tons, 1.5 ton Nissan truck URF reach the stop line electric forklift compact, small tonnage, improve the average level, suitable for use in cold storage, warehouse, goods distribution center, Supermarket. For more information, please contact […]

cho thuê xe nâng pallet điện Nissan

car rental pallet

car rental pallet species Walkie Stackers lift arm 1.3 tons, 1.8 tons professionals use for the commodity distribution center, Large supermarkets crowded, required cargo handling and moving short distances. Vehicle lifting: 1.3 tấn và 1.8 We attack […]

cho thuê xe nâng điện ngồi lái

Lease electric forklift driver sitting

Leasing Nissan electric forklift driver Electronic Forklift sit 1.5 tons – 3.0 tons. Nissan electric forklift is equipped with many innovative functions and utilities to ensure safety for the operator, fuel economy but still achieve high performance. Vehicles equipped with security system […]

Cho thuê xe nâng điện Nissan QX Series

Nissan electric forklift rentals QX Series

lease electric forklift Nissan QX Series AC motors 2.0 tons, 2.5 tons, 3.0 ton electric forklift Nissan Series uses powerful AC motors, durable but environmentally friendly, Vehicle features integrated advanced technology from car manufacturers, steering system […]

cho thue xe nang dien

electric forklift rentals

Nissan electric forklift rental BX Series lift from 1.0 tons to 3.0 Contact tons: FORKLIFT SALES AND LEASING Nguyen Van Cu 0913781357 skype: huongcu001 for details.

cho thuê xe nâng Nissan

Why are car rental services enhance our?

As the exclusive distributor of Nissan forklifts in Vietnam, we have 15 years of experience selling and renting forklifts. Aiming for customer satisfaction when using the service and their products, we constantly improve the quality of services, the […]

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Cho thuê xe nâng hàng Nissan

Nissan forklifts for rent

Segway rental self drive Nissan forklifts in Vietnam working motto reputation, quick, create the most favorable conditions for the best customer support, we provide rental services on Nissan forklifts nationwide. Forklift […]

Cho thuê xe nâng hàng Nissan

Self drive car rental increase

Self drive rental forklift engine oil, Petrol-LPG, xenang168 electric Nissan Forklift Rental specializes drive themselves throughout the territory of Vietnam, car lift from 1 tons to 10 tons, lift height from 3m to 12m, various types of cars, forklift diesel engine, […]