Lease electric forklift driver sitting

Lease electric forklift driver sitting Nissan Electronic Forklift 1.5 tons – 3.0 tons. Nissan electric forklift is equipped with many innovative functions and utilities to ensure safety for the operator, fuel economy but still achieve high performance. Vehicles equipped with safety systems not slipping when drivers crash driver. Seat belt safety, frame locking system automatically upgrade automatically after 3 seconds when the driver left the vehicle while the engine, anti-roll system.

With experience 15 year lease forklifts in Vietnam, external communication vehicles such as forklifts lift oil, gas-gas forklifts, we car rental electric forklift driving seat, xe nâng điện đứng lái, compact forklift pallet,…

Nissan Forklift electric power use 3 mix, ac motors with high capacity but power saving, longevity and durability, no carbon brushes and commutator , This is one of the significant improvements compared to the Nissan Forklift old tram line on the market.

(Series electric forklift driving seat, Nissan Motor's AC)

– Type of vehicle: AC electric motor driving seat, 4 cake

– Utilities: The system automatically checks for damage on the LCD screen

– Vehicle Capacity: 1.5 tons, 1.75 tons, 2.0 tons, 2.5 tons, 3.0 tons

Vehicles used in the factory environment dust, pollution, warehouse, cold storage or warehouse distribution equipment, factory bottled beverage.

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