You will be trained, Nissan forklift training seriously in our headquarters. The exclusive distributor of Nissan forklifts in Asia and Vietnam.

The training is organized and designed to win customers and agents on the process used Nissan forklifts appropriately and safely. Along with the maintenance process forklifts Nissan forklifts are distributed by Nissan Vietnam.

Each training course will be led by experts on Nissan forklift experienced. The training aims to guide drivers to improve driving safety compliance regulations when using cargo lifting vehicle.

During training, Forklift drivers will be updated with the latest information on safety regulations, process used from the manufacturer.

End of course, drivers will understand theoretical operation of forklifts, processes forklift basic maintenance during operation. Practice forklift driver directly on our rail system to reinforce theory and can confidently operate forklifts in fact .

This training program is completely free and is designed to create the most favorable conditions for the operation of vehicles, cost-effective and customer.

For more information please contact:

Mr Cư – Office sales and leasing

SDT: 0913781357