Xe nâng Nissan Nomad Series

Mua xe nâng Nissan Nomad Series tại xenang168


– Xe nâng hàng Nissan Nomad Series sử dụng động cơ xăng/ gas, an toàn và thân thiện với môi trường
– Tiện ích: Xe được trang bị hệ thống chống lật, chống rung, hệ thống khóa khung nâng tự động sau 3s khi tài xế rời khỏi xe mà vẫn đang nổ máy. Tay lái gậy gù, đai an toàn cho ghế ngồi,
– Công suất xe: 1.0 tấn đến 2.0 tấn.

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Applications: Cushion tire chassis rides on solid pneumatic tires. Ideal for Cushion (indoor) or Pneumatic (outdoor) tire applications.
A UniCarriers exclusive, our Nomad Compact is a uniquely versatile option, ideally suited where both indoor and outdoor lift trucks are needed. Its compact chassis provides tight handling and greater maneuverability for inside the warehouse, while solid pneumatic tires deliver reliable performance out in the yard across improved surfaces. Powered by our industrial engines, these rugged lift trucks deliver greater torque and horsepower to satisfy a variety of manufacturing, warehouse, recycling or other indoor/outdoor applications. Available in LP or Dual Fuel (Gas/LP), ourfuel management system optimizes engine operation to provide excellent fuel efficiency and reduced CO, HC and NOx exhaust emissions. Each Nomad Compact comes standard with our comprehensive engine protection system to warn operators in case of excessive heat or a severe drop in oil pressure, providing extended engine and drive train life for your lift truck investment.

• K21 (2.1 liter) electronic fuel injected industrial engines in LP, LPS or dual fuel
• EPA/CARB 2010 Certified
• Engine/transmission protection and warning systems
• Seat-actuated Operator Presence System
• Spacious operator compartment
• Full suspension seat
• Multifunction LCD display with on-board diagnostics
• Programmable service reminder
• Operator PIN access
• Exclusive single lift and tilt control lever
• Five-piece, reinforced overhead guard
• One-piece, no-tool floorboard & removable side panels
• Wide engine access
• High visibility carriage
• Wide range of options available for chassis, mast and operator compartment


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