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Self drive rental forklift engine oil, Petrol-LPG, Power

specialized xenang168 Nissan forklift rentals drive themselves across the territory of Vietnam, car lift from 1 tons to 10 tons, lift height from 3m to 12m, various types of cars, forklift diesel engine, gasoline – LPG or electric. Nissan Forklift Rentals quality, high durability and excellent performance are the ideal choice to bring safety to the user. Value of the more prominent Nissan's forklift maintenance costs low, consume less fuel but still provide high performance and environmentally friendly.

Cho thuê xe nâng tự lái

We provide services forklift rentals and sales Nissan Working with the motto reputation, Professional, quick-site support to customers in the fastest time. Short term lease time 6 months to 1 years or long-term parking 2 year 3 year. For further information please contact our


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